Hilton Head Island is the special Island that we are because the Town of Hilton Head Island is a great steward of our building and growth. They continue to protect the growth with their land acquisition program which began in earnest in 1991 and was modeled from a program created in Nantucket, Massachusetts. The Town’s goal is to manage and control growth on Hilton Head Island. Rather than take the land, the council sought to purchase land at fair market value. The land acquisition became a smart growth tool. The program has enhanced property values; reduced potential development, particularly along U.S. 278; reduced potential traffic; kept the island green; preserved historic sites; and created opportunities for park and recreation development.
As a result of the Town’s long-standing land acquisition program, the Town has:
  • Purchased 145 parcels of land totaling 1,308 acres for a total expenditure of $171.8 million;
  • Precluded 4.57 million sq. feet of commercial development;
  • Precluded 1,365 motel rooms;
  • Precluded 4,637 residential and timeshare units; and
  • Precluded 43,228 PM peak-hour driving trips