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Things to do in the Shelter Cove Area…the new epicenter of Hilton Head Island.

Hilton Head Island

Shelter Cove Harbour is a 15.5-acre port area where some of the best recreational activities on Hilton Head Island can be found. These attractions are a huge part of what makes the Shelter Cove residential community the island’s “hidden gem.”

Here’s our list of the top things to do in and around the harbor:

  1. Go on adventure and pleasure cruises

    There’s no better way to enjoy a harbor and marina area than to hop on a watercraft. At the Shelter Cove Marina, a wide variety of boat-based activities await pleasure- and thrill-seekers, including these beloved hits:

    • Holiday dolphin cruises. The Holiday’s Dolphin Watch Nature Cruise is Shelter Cove Harbour’s best bang-for-the-buck excursion. Hop aboard the 80-foot double-deck cruise ship and enjoy snacks while waiting for dolphin sightings. Cruises aboard the Holiday last almost two hours and highlights 45 points of interest around Hilton Head Island. Kayak tours, paddleboarding with
    • Backwater Cat Adventure. Go sporty on a CraigCat, a low, two-seat compact catamaran that goes up to 30 miles perhour. Explore the island’s inland waterways with professionally guided sightseeing and nature tours. Trips are available for morning, afternoon, and sunset schedules.
    • Flying Circus Sailing Charters. TheFlying Circus is a six-seat catamaran sailboat that offers a leisurely and intimate sailing experience. The craft’s low viewpoint close to the water makes dolphin sightings especially exciting.
    • Shannon Tanner’s Excellent Pirate ExpeditionShannon Tanner’s Excellent Pirate Expedition. Here’s something for the tots. This pirate-themed kiddie cruise is a swashbuckling adventure that features mermaids, dolphins, hidden treasure, and water cannon battles.
    • Fishing charters.Shelter Cove Marina hosts its fair share of fishing charters, ready to cater to seasoned anglers, as well as to introduce first-timers to the timeless hobby of sport fishing.
  2. Delight in unforgettable waterfront dining experiences

    Go on a romantic dinner. Treat your kids to some ice cream. Chug down cocktails with your friends. Whatever the event, Shelter Cove Harbour’s picturesque Mediterranean-style waterfront architecture and streetscapes provide the perfect setting for the most memorable meals.

    Fresh seafood is a staple in the Harbour’s lineup of restaurants, but the variety of flavors will surprise you. The restaurants, bistros, and cafes cover a wide range of international cuisines, including traditional and fusion treatments of Mexican, Mediterranean, French, and Italian classics.

  3. Attend live events and festivals

    Every June through August, locals and guests look forward to HarbourFest, the signature summer event that has been a Hilton Head Island highlight for almost three decades. The festival features live musical performances, pop-up arts and crafts booths, kid-friendly activities, and spectacular fireworks displays.

    Music & Taste is another recurring favorite. Happening every fall, the outdoor concert series showcases local performing talents. Concessionaires offer a variety of snacks, appetizers, wines, beers, and cocktails.

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