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New Flights to Hilton Head Island SC

One of the most exciting announcements to hit Hilton Head Island in years came recently when United Airlines announced recently that they would be launching new service to Hilton Head Island. Enabled in part by the recently elongated runway, this increased airlift does wonders for growth on Hilton Head Island which was already hitting on all cylinders.
The new flights will include twice-daily nonstop flights from Hilton Head Island to Washington Dulles International Airport starting on March 31, plus twice weekly flights to Chicago O’Hare and weekly flights to New York/Newark Liberty Airport starting on April 6. Servicing these flights will be two-cabin regional aircraft that will link our island to the wider network of United Airlines and their Star Alliance Partners.

“We are excited to welcome United Airlines to our airport,” said Jon Rembold, Airports Director of the Hilton Head Island Airport. “The new service to three major United Airlines hubs will serve as an important business opportunity for our region and also help attract new tourists to the area.”
That last part is one of the two ways that this new development is great news for the local real estate market.
Simply put, one of the biggest ways to drive up interest on Hilton Head Island is to get people to come here and see it. A spike in visitors and a spike in home sales have always gone hand-in-hand as new visitors come and experience our world-class amenities and laid back island lifestyle and decide they’re never going to leave.
But getting visitors here is just one way this new development bodes well for Hilton Head Island’s real estate market.

One of our key markets is the luxury home market. And on Hilton Head Island, there are a bevy of luxury homes to chose from. This discerning clientele demands the finest amenities, and few places on earth deliver those amenities like Hilton Head Island. Adding easy travel to any point on the globe is just one of those amenities, but it’s crucial. Whether for business or just seeing the world, these luxury home owners will see Hilton Head Island in a new light when they realize how easy it now is to get from here to there.
Every amenity our Island adds, every new improvement made to our quality of life, means positive things for our real estate market. This increased airlift, thanks to a bevy of new options from United Airlines, adds both one more world-class amenity, but another dynamic to our quality of life. Increases in the real estate market, especially in price, can only follow from there.

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