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5 reasons to live in Palmetto Dunes

Experience the residential/resort community at Palmetto Dunes, Hilton Head Island’s 2,000-acre beachfront community.These reasons below will convince you to take the leap and go on that “permanent vacation” you’ve always wanted.

  1. 3 miles of newly nourished beach

    This peaceful and private resort neighborhood boasts not only breathtaking panoramas of the sparkling Atlantic Ocean, but also direct access to it via three miles of pristine,white-sand shorelines.

    Take your whole family out to enjoy soothing, sunny weekends. Or if you prefer to venture further out, visit the nearby Shelter Cove Marina to hop on an adventure cruse or fishing charter.

  2. More than 100 miles of paved bike trails

    With generous tree canopies providing shade, the refreshing ocean breeze meeting your skin, and more than 100 miles of paved trails, Palmetto Dunes invites you to hop on a bike and pedal to your heart’s content.

    There is a lot to explore around the area. From the residential neighborhoods to Shelter Cove area with the Marina, Shelter Cove Towne Center, The Plaza at Shelter Cove and the community park.

  3. Three award-winning golf courses
    Golf courses count among the most popular and most prestigious attractions across Hilton Head Island. In Palmetto Dunes alone, there’s a trio of acclaimed courses to enjoy:
  • The resort lifestyle

    Palmetto Dunes also has an acclaimed Tennis Center, but expect to play more than just tennis when you embrace the resort’s lifestyle. Pickleball is popular here, thanks to its familiar style of play and a more family-friendly court.

    Pickleball is tennis, badminton, and ping-pong combined. It is played on a smaller court – just about a quarter of the size a regular tennis court – and uses oversized ping-pong-style paddles instead of tennis racquets. The game also uses a different ball.

  • An 11-mile inland lagoon for canoe and kayak tours

    One of Palmetto Dunes’ most unique features is an 11-mile inland saltwater lagoon. Canoe and kayak tours take you to an hour-and-a-half-long paddle cruise along thriving coastal habitats where lush plant life and sightings of diverse bird and fish species will both sooth and excite you.

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