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Welcome to the Palmetto Dunes beach and home of the Sea Turtles!

Protecting the loggerhead sea turtle on Hilton Head Island is very important. These visitors to our beach range from 30-42 inches and can weigh up to 400 pounds. The females usually begin the nest the first or second week in May until end of August. They visit the shores and nest in the evening and lay on average, 120 eggs per nests. They find a nesting spot, cover the nest then return to the ocean. The eggs incubate for approx. 50-60 days, as they hatch, then make their way back to the ocean by following the slope of the beach and lights above. Lights on the beach will disorient the hatchlings where they can die, or drown in pools. What to do? If you are located on the beach, turn off outside lights at 10:00 pm from May 1 -October 31 during nesting season. Close the blinds if interior lights are visible from the beach.
Remove any beach chairs, umbrellas or obstructions on the beach. Digging a sand castle is fun, but please return the sand back to its original location. Put trash and recyclables in appropriates receptacles. Never disturb a nest, a hatchling or shine a flashlight on them. Need I say more?